Cyborgs & Citadels

Anthropological Interventions in Emerging
Sciences, Technologies and Medicines

Gary Lee Downey & Joseph Dumit, eds.

SAR Press (forthcoming 1997)

Locating and Intervening (by Gary Lee Downey & Joseph Dumit)

Rayna Rapp
Real Time Fetus: The Role of the Sonogram in the Age of Monitored Reproduction

Emily Martin, Laury Oaks, Karen-Sue Taussig, Ariane van der Straten
AIDS, Knowledge and Discrimination in the Inner City: An Anthropological Analysis of the Experiences of Injection Drug Users

Deborah Heath
Bodies, Antibodies And Modest Interventions

Joseph Dumit
A Digital Image of the Category of the Person: PET Scanning and Objective Self-Fashioning

Sharon Traweek
Iconic Devices: Toward An Ethnography of Physics Images

Gary Lee Downey & Juan Lucena
Weeding Out and Hiring In: How Engineers Succeed

David J. Hess
If You're Thinking of Living in STS... A Guide for the Perplexed

Sarah Williams
Ethnographic Fetishism or Cyborg Anthropology? Case Studies Among Human Scientists, Rebellious Rats and their Mazes at El Delirio and in the Land of the Long White Cloud

Paul Rabinow
Science as a Practice: Ethos, Logos, Pathos To be taken in or not to be taken in; The Higher Indifference, and Mediated Curiosity: Donna J. Haraway Mice into Wormholes: A Comment on the Nature of No Nature

Gary Lee Downey, Joseph Dumit & Sharon Traweek
Notes on Corridor Talk

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