Urban Development and Planning in China :
China Planning Network (CPN) 3rd Annual Conference

Beijing, China
June 14-16, 2006

Thank to the tremendous support from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA and the Ministry of Construction, China , and the enthusiastic help of more than one hundred professors, students, scholars, and practitioners, the preparation of the China Planning Network 3 rd Annual Conference Beijing 2006 has been evolving successfully. We would like to report everyone the latest progresses.


1. Conference Logistics

Conference Hotel:
The China Resources Hotel ( Huarun Hotel)
Address: 35# Jianguo Road , Beijing , 100025, P.R. China
Telephone: 86-10-51385555

Distance from the airport: 25km
Distance from the railway station: 8km
Distance from the subway station: 100m

In addition to the regular conference facilities, the simultaneous interpretation will be available in the hotel for our conference.

Conference Websites:

Visa Application:
Depending on your nationality and legal status, you may or may not need a visa to enter China . Please consult your local Chinese embassy or consulates for the definite policies.

Embassy of PRC in the USA : http://www.china-embassy.org/eng/
Embassy of PRC in the United Kingdom : http://www.chinese-embassy.org.uk/eng/

Most of you can apply for a tourist visa to go to China for a short-term travel. If you need a business reason for the visa application, the Ministry of Construction in China can provide you with an official conference invitation letter and please give us your full name and passport number so that we can prepare the letter for you to facilitate your visa application.


2. Conference Program and Track Setup

Part I : Organized by China Planning Network (CPN)
We have appointed Chair or co-Chairs for each of the five tracks. Track Chairs work together with us to design the tracks, propose topics and finalize speakers.

Track One : The Rapid Development of China's Urban Transportation Systems: Opportunities, Challenges and Policies
Joseph Ferreira Jr,
Professor of Urban Planning and Operations Research; Head, Urban Information Systems program, MIT , USA

Randall Crane
Acting Director and Professor of Urban Planning, Institute of Transportation Studies , University of California , Los Angeles , USA

Track Two : Comparative Competition and Cooperation in Rapidly Urbanizing Regions: the Spatial Impacts of Regional Economic Development and Regional Planning
Karen R. Polenske
Professor of Regional Political Economy and Planning; Head, International Development and Regional Planning program, MIT , USA

Track Three : Planning Education under Globalization: Comparing the Planning Education and Practice among China , America and Europe
Lawrence J. Vale
Head and Professor of Urban Studies and Planning, Department of Urban Studies and Planning, MIT , USA

Track Four : Toward a Healthier Real Estate Market: Lessons from American and European Experience
Brian (Tony) Ciochetti
Chairman and Professor of the Practice of Real Estate, Center for Real Estate, MIT, USA

Track Five : Garden City, Green Buildings , Ecological City and Sustainability: Applications in China
Maurits van Rooijen
Executive Vice President, University of Westminster , UK

John de Monchaux
Former Dean and Professor of Architecture and Planning, School of Architecture and Planning, MIT , USA

Part II: Organized by the Ministry of Construction, China
Track One: Campus Planning Under the Background of Globalization and Information Technology: How to Plan and Build Ecological, Energy-Efficient and Students- Based Campus
Track Two: Lessons and Innovation from the System of Controlled Detail Planning: B-Planning ¨C Zoning ¨CEvolvement and Comparison of Hong Kong Statutory Plan
Track Three: Protection of City Historical and Cultural Heritage and Characteristic Extension and Innovation: City Characteristics, Social Cultural Issues and Countermeasures in the Process of Rapid Urbanization
Track Four: The Renaissance Experiences and Lessons of ¡°Old Industrial¡± Cities in Developed Countries: Invigoration Strategies and Planning Construction for the Old Industrial Bases


3. Speakers by Invitation and Presentation by Call for Paper

Speakers by Invitation
We have invited and confirmed 40 scholars from more than 30 institutes to speak in our conference.

List of Invited Speakers
Biographies of Invited Speakers

The presentation abstracts are being collected and will be available shortly.

Presentations by Call for Paper
We have collected and reviewed the abstracts submitted to our conference from our call-for-paper since January. We have accepted 35 abstracts and are expecting their full papers due on April 28 th , 2006. We will review the full papers and determine the final list of the speakers by call-for-paper.


4. Conference Organizing Structure

Conference Organizing Committee

Baoxing Qiu, Vice Minister, Ministry of Construction, China

Vice Chairs:
Lawrence J. Vale, Head and Professor of Urban Studies and Planning, Department of Urban Studies and Planning, MIT , USA

Baojiang Zhao, Former Vice Minister of Construction, and President of China Association of City Planning

Xiaoli Chen, Chief Planner, Ministry of Construction, China

Bing Li, Vice Director, National Bureau of Foreign Experts , China


Academic Advisory Committee
In order to guarantee the academic quality of the conference, and to acknowledge the efforts from the professors who have appreciably contributed to our conference, we have setup the conference Academic Advisory Committee (AAC).

The committee is an honorary committee, intended mainly to provide general comments and advice to the conference organizers, including recommendations for potential speakers or session moderators, and suggestions of important topics or conference themes. The committee consists of Chair, Vice-Chair and members, each having an overseas section and a China section.


Conference Sponsorship
Hosted by
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Ministry of Construction, P. R. China
Department of Transportation, USA
American Planning Association

Co-hosted by
MIT Chancellor Office
MIT School of Architecture and Planning
MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning
MIT Center for Real Estate
MIT Department of Architecture
University of Westminster , UK

Supported by
International Association for China Planning
Lincoln Institute of Land Policy
University of Venice Institute of Architecture , Italy
Kobe Design University , Japan
MIT International Development and Regional Planning Group
MIT City Design and Development Group
MIT Urban Information System Group
MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics


Organized by
China Planning Network (CPN)

Executive Commissioners:
Ming Guo, Zhan Guo, Jinhua Zhao, Lianghui Chen ( China )

CPN Faculty Advisor:
Lawrence J. Vale, Head and Professor of Urban Studies and Planning, Department of Urban Studies and Planning, MIT ( USA)


5. Conference Proceedings
Selected papers from ¡°Call for Paper¡± and from the invited speakers will be collected in the conference proceedings. There are two volumes of the proceedings: one collects all the English paper and the other collects all the Chinese paper. The abstracts of all papers will be translated and included in both volumes. Due to the limited time and resources, the full papers will not be translated unless the authors can deal with it by themselves.


6. Contact Methods:

Please feel free to contact us if you have any other concerns, suggestions, or ideas about this conference. We are looking forward to seeing you in Beijing , June 2006.

Organizing Committee Beijing Office:
Ming Guo Guoming@mit.edu
Lianghui Chen sundo@ChinaUrbanResearch.org

Tel: +86-(0)10-82150296
Fax: +86-(0)10-82150269
Block A, Room 505, Science Park Tower ,
Tsinghua Science Park
Beijing , China 100084

Organizing Committee MIT Office:
Jinhua Zhao Jinhua@mit.edu
Zhan Guo guozhan@mit.edu
Tel: (617) 230-4090
Room 7-337, the Department of Urban Studies and Planning,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge , MA , 02139, U.S.A.


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MIT Office: Room 7-337, Department of Urban Studies and Planning,
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