China Planning Network

CPN First World Planning Schools Admission Open House

Beijing, China
June 16, 2006

As an important part of CPN 2006 series of activities, ¡°CPN First World Planning University Admission Open House--China¡± is initiated and organized by China Planning Network (CPN) and aims to enhance collaboration between East and West in the education and research areas of urban development and planning.

Since the initiative of the University Admission Open House was announced in January, it has been warmly welcomed by both western planning schools and Chinese students. We have confirmed that over 20 top planning schools from all over the world will participate in the CPN Open House, including 12 universities from the United States, 6 from Europe and 5 from Asia and Australia. In the Open House, professors from these world renowned universities will introduce their recruiting requirements in China, latest research cooperation with China, and have face-to-face conversation with Chinese students. This will be the largest education exhibition on urban planning and related disciplines in China. CPN Open House will be held annually.


1. Time and Place

6PM-9PM June 16, 2006

Tsinghua University Science Park, Beijing


2. Participating Scholars

Ad¨¨le Naud¨¦ Santos
Dean and Professor of Architecture and Urban Planning, School of Architecture and Planning, MIT , USA

Lawrence J. Vale
Head and Professor of Urban Studies and Planning, Department of Urban Studies and Planning, MIT , USA

Yungho Chang
Professor and Head, Department of Architecture, MIT , USA

Brian Tony Ciochetti
Chairman and Professor of the Practice of Real Estate, Center for Real Estate, MIT , USA

Dennis Frenchman
Head and Professor of the Practice of Urban Design, City Design and Development, MIT , USA

Karen R. Polenske
Head and Professor of Regional Political Economy and Planning, International Development and Regional Planning, MIT , USA

Joseph Ferreira Jr
Head and Professor of Urban Planning and Operations Research, Urban Information Systems, MIT , USA

Annette M. Kim
Assistant Professor, Department of Urban Studies and Planning, M.I.T

Jerold Kayden
Chair and Professor of Urban Planning and Design, Department of Urban Planning and Design, Harvard University , USA

Randall Crane
Acting Director and Professor of Urban Planning, Institute of Transportation Studies, UCLA , USA

Michael Shiffer
Vice President, Chicago Transit Authority and Associate Professor of Urban Planning and Policy, UIC , USA

Harry T. Dimitriou
Bartlett Professor of Planning Studies, Bartlett School of Planning, University College London

Takashi Onishi
Head and Professor, Department of Urban Engineering, Tokyo University , and Vice President, City Planning Institute of Japan , Japan

Peter Taylor
Fellow of British Academy and Professor of Geography, Loughborough University , UK

Hugo Priemus
Professor and Dean Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, Delft University of Technology , Netherlands

Bernardo Secchi
Dean and Professor of Urban Planning, University of Venice Institute of Architecture , Italy

Euijune Kim
Professor and Editor of Annals of Regional Science, Seoul National University , Korea

John de Monchaux
Former Dean and Professor of Architecture and Planning, School of Architecture and Planning, MIT

Jan Wampler,
Professor of Architecture, Department of Architecture, MIT

Tingwei Zhang,
Associate Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago

Daniel Abramson,
Assistant Professor, University of Washington, USA

Xinhao Wang,
Professor of Planning, University of Cincinnati, USA

Robert Freestone,
Associate Professor, University of New South Wales, Australia

Takahito Saiki,
Professor, Kobe Design University, Japan

Paola Vigan¨°,
Associate Professor of Urban Design, University of Venice Institute of Architecture, Italy

Lisa Hoffman,
Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology, University of Washington at Tacoma, USA

David Bray,
Professor, Asian Studies, University of Sydney, Australia

Zhongren Peng,
Professor, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee

Ming Zhang,
Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Austin

Qing Shen,
Professor, University of Maryland

Jiawen Yang,
Assistant Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Fulong Wu,
Professor, Cardiff University, UK

Stephen Ward
Professor of Planning History, Oxford Brookes University, UK

Lan Deng,
Assistant Professor of Urban Planning, University of Michigan, USA

Thomas J. Campanella,
Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA

3. Participating Institutes

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

School of Architecture and Planning
Department of Urban Studies and Planning
Center for Real Estate
Center for Transportation and Logistics
Department of Architecture

Harvard University
Department of Urban Planning and Design

University of California, Berkeley
College of Environmental Design (CED)

University of California, Los Angeles
Department of Urban Planning

University of Cincinnati
School of Planning

University of Illinois, Chicago
College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs

University of Maryland
School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation

University of Michigan
School of Architecture and Urban Planning

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Department of City and Regional Planning

University of Texas at Austin
School of Architecture

University of Washington
College of Architecture and Urban Planning

University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Department of Urban Planning


University College London , UK
Bartlett School of Planning

University of Westminster, UK
School of Architecture and the Built Environment

Cardiff University, UK
School of City and Regional Planning

Loughborough University, UK
Department of Geography

Oxford Brookes University, UK

University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK
Department of Architecture

Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
School of Technology, Policy and Management

University IUAV of Venice, Italy
Venice University Institute of Architecture

Asia and Australia

University of Tokyo, Japan
School of Engineering
Department of Urban Engineering

Kobe Design University, Japan

Seoul National University, Korea

University of New South Wales, Australia
Faculty of Built Environment

University of Sydney, Australia
School of Languages and Cultures


4. Program

18:00-18:05 Welcome Remark
18:05-18:30 CPN Conference Summarizing Speech and Executive Commissioners Remark
18:30-19:30 Open House¡ªUniversity Introduction
19:30-21:00 Open House¡ªFree Discussion

All schools will have a poster board, program brochures, and other materials to be distributed. School representatives and students are free to talk and discuss with each other. Snacks and drinks will be served to general audience. Presenters will be provided with dinner boxes.


5. Registration fee

Student: RMB 20
Non student: RMB 100


6.Preparation for participating in Open House

We appreciate participating professors to prepare the following materials:

  • Three minutes introduction of each program .
  • Poster (A1 size copy or digital file)

Since there could be a problem to carry the poster on the air, we will help to print out the poster in Beijing at CPN's cost as long as each school can provide us the digital file of the poster. Poster boards for each school will be prepared in the venue of the open house.

  • Program brochure or other education related materials


7. CPN Open House Organized by

China Planning Network (CPN)
China Urban Research Consulting Co., LTD

8. Sponsorship and Contact Methods

We welcome faculty members from world-wide planning programs to join us and introduce your program in the CPN Open House. If you schools or departments are interested in the Open House but not yet listed as participants, please contact us as soon as possible. We will do the best to include your school or department.

We welcome organizations/institutions from China and the West to sponsor the CPN 2006 University Admission Open House with a minimum of USD1000. The contributing schools will be entitles as co-sponsor for the CPN Open House. Please feel free to contact us.

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