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In the past decade, China's phenomenal growth has attracted the world's attention. In the course of this development, China has also been and will continue experiencing tremendous challenges in economic, environmental and social aspects, which will significantly influence the world's resilience, stability and sustainability.

China Urban Development is a student interest group at MIT that organizes events and discussions on China's urbanization and development issues. We aim to engage students and faculty members at MIT to discuss and debate issues related to China's urbanization process and its impact on the world.

China Urban Development is pleased to announce the launching of its weekly discussion series focusing on urban development issues of China. In the discussion series, we invite prominent scholars and experts to share with the discussion series participants their research results, wisdom, and experiences on issues of regional, urban, transportation, and housing development, resource and energy use, sustainable development, local public finance, and the impact of social media in China.


China Urban Development is dedicated to bringing together students and scholars all across MIT campus and beyond who share academic and professional interests in China's urbanization and development. We hope to engage MIT community members across different academic disciplines and to stimulate discussions of critical urban issues in China.

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