Doctoral students are required to produce a dissertation based on original research. As the following examples suggest, EPP students work on diverse topics and engage in research looking at environmental issues around the world. Doctoral students work closely with their faculty on the selection of a dissertation topic, development of the dissertation proposal, and completion and write-up of their dissertation research. Students are required to present their proposals at a colloquium and to publicly present their research and defend their dissertations. Some examples of EPP doctoral dissertation topics (with links to their abstracts) are as follows:

  • Ali, Saleem. 2001. Environmental Resistance and Aboriginal Development: A Comparative Study of Mining Ventures in the United States and Canada.
  • Anguelovski, Isabelle. 2011. Towards Environmental and Health Justice in Cities: Transforming, Securing, and Transgressing Urban Spaces
  • Ashcraft, Catherine. 2011. Adaptive Governance of Contested Rivers: A Political Journey into the Uncertain
  • Blockhus, Jill M. 2006. The Potential for Trickle Up: How Local Actors' Experiments Influence National Forest Policy Planning.
  • Corburn, Jason. 2002. Street Science: The Fusing of Local and Professional Knowledge in Environmental Policy.
  • Fuller, Boyd W. 2005. Trading Zones: Cooperating for Water Resource and Ecosystem Management when Stakeholders have Apparently Irreconcilable Differences.
  • Kim, Dong Young. 2006. The Politics of Consensus Building: The Case of Diesel Passenger Cars and Urban Air Quality Management in South Korea.
  • Kock, Beaudry. 2008. A gent-Based Models of Socio-Hydrological Systems for Exploring the Institutional Dynamics of Water Resources Conflict.
  • Kohler, Pia. 2006. Towards a Global Consensus on Matters of Science: How Process and Membership Can Generate Valid and Sustainable Science Advice in Multilateral Environmental Treaty Negotiations.
  • Lee, Eungkyoon. 2005. Why Did they Comply while Others did Not?: Environmental Compliance of Small Firms and Implications for Regulation.
  • Macey, Gregg P. 2007. Sheltering in Place: The Limits of Integrative Bargaining Following Industrial Accidents.
  • Matsuura, Masahiro. 2006. Localizing Public Dispute Resolution in Japan: Lessons from Experiments with Deliberative Policy-making.
  • Merrigan, Kathleen. 2001. Negotiating Identity Within the Sustainable Agriculture Advocacy Coalition.
  • Nielsen, Erik. 2007. Networked Governance: China's Changing Approach to Transboundary Environmental Management.
  • Odeh, Nancy. 2009. Towards Improved Partnerships in the Water Sector in the Middle East: A Case Study of Jordan.
  • Rosan, Christina. 2007. Metropolitan Governance and Local Land Use Planning in Boston, Denver, and Portland.