EP Certificate

Any student in DUSP who meet the requirements will be eligible to receive an of Environmental Planning Certificate when he or she graduates. The requirements are completion of (1) 11.601 (the graduate Introduction to Environmental Policy and Planning; (2) an environmental management practicum such as 11.360 or 11.362; and (3) six subjects, at least one from each of five listed sub-areas: Science, Health and Political Decision-making; Land Use, Growth Management and Restoration; Ecology and Landscape; Facility Siting, Infrastructure and Sustainable Development; and Methods of Environmental Planning and Analysis. The goal is to give graduates of DUSP seeking jobs in the environmental planning field a competitive edge by acknowledging the specialized competence and skills they have acquired.

The requirements, including the required and elective classes are summarized in the EP Certificate Form. The Certificate Program is administered by EPP faculty. Students can sign up for the Certificate Program by contacting Ms. Nina Tamburello (EPP administrator) at ninat@mit.edu