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The International Development Group (IDG) at MIT’s Department of Urban Studies and Planning is the largest, most established program within a U.S. planning school devoted to graduate study and research in subjects specific to the developing world. This program group attracts internationally focused students with a wide range of backgrounds, work experiences, and interests. It provides students with an integrated view of the institutional, economic, physical and socio-political factors necessary for effective planning in today's world.

Our students are seriously committed to change and the belief that change is attainable. They aim to be facilitators of such change, if only by way of such commitment, previous experiences promoting change and the training they receive in DUSP. Through courses, internships, group projects, and sponsored workshops, our students show themselves to be hard working, goal-oriented, and full of initiative.

One especially unique value of our student body is its diversity. We attract students from a wide range of national, international, and ethnic/cultural origins and a variety of professional backgrounds in all our programs. The diversity within our student body is expressed in the breadth of interest and research areas of our students. The range of their Masters’ thesis subjects is just one illustration of such diversity.


Note on Dual Degree Programs:
Students may pursue dual degrees in virtually any other department at MIT, provided they are accepted for admission and complete degree requirements in each department. The most common dual degrees pursued by IDG students are with Sloan School of Management, the Technology and Public Policy Program and the Transportation area of DUSP.



In addition to the faculty, classes, and seminars available within DUSP, IDG students draw upon rich resources and facilities throughout MIT and at other universities in the Boston area. Students commonly take elective classes and seminars in other MIT departments, such as the Departments of Economics, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Architecture, Political Science, and the Sloan School of Management. IDG students may also take graduate-level electives outside of MIT, enrolling in classes at Harvard University (where cross-registration is available), including the John F. Kennedy School of Government, and at Boston University (area studies centers).

In addition to coursework available through other MIT departments and neighboring universities, IDG students also supplement their academic experience through involvement with campus-wide entities such as the Center for International Studies.