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Master's in City Planning
As in previous years, members of the entering MCP classes (2007) are from both industrialized and developing countries. Many  have occupied roles in public planning offices in the United States and abroad; many more have conducted research on socio-economic urban/regional issues of immigration, housing, employment, and infrastructure for public and private development agencies.

Many of our students have also been activists advocating, through community outreach and organizing, for the rights of tenants, immigrants, the poor, and the homeless. As activists and researchers, they have contributed to the fight against poverty and inequity of access that afflict so many of our urban and rural environments. Each student’s experiences and accomplishments prior to joining the program help to enhance the collective learning environment at DUSP. Their thesis titles (see left) reflect the passion, variety, and depth of the work practiced here. For more information, see the DUSP website.

Master's in Science
A one-year Master’s in Science degree is offered through the SPURS program (see left).

Dual Degree Programs
Students may pursue dual degrees in virtually any other department at MIT, provided they are accepted for admission and complete degree requirements in each department. The most common dual degrees pursued by IDG students are with Sloan School of Management, the Technology and Public Policy Program and the Transportation area of DUSP.

See the Academics area of this site for more information on dual degrees. In addition to taking courses in other departments at MIT, students may cross-register at Harvard and other area universities, thereby allowing a wide range of course opportunities.