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All that Glitters in Not Gold: Unexpected Lessons from a Slum Upgrading Program in Brazil

Water by Truck in Mexico City

Congestion Pricing in Cities of the Developing World: Exploring Prospects in Mexico City

New Information Technologies in the Old Political Economy: An Exploration of a Community-based GIS for Improving Basic Services for the Poor in New Delhi, India

Do Migrants Transfer Tacit Knowledge? The Case of Highly Skilled Bangladeshi Immigrants in the United States

The Pros and Cons of Corruption on Firm Performance: A Micro-level Study of Businesses in Indonesia

Movin' On Up: Mainstreaming Under-Served Urban Communities in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Negotiating Community amongst Spatial and Identity Boundaries: The Case of “Unity in Diversity” in the Transmigration Settlement of Mopugad, Indonesia

Displacement, Politics, and Governance: Access to Low-Income Housing in a Beirut Suburb

Regional Economic Function Analysis of U.S. Foreign-Trade-Zones

The Question of Faith: U.S.-Based Religious NGOS in International Relief and Development

Integrated Impact Analysis of Yellow-Dust Storms: A Regional Case Study in China

Explaining the Increase of Competitiveness in the Columbia Car Industry After the End of Import Substitution Industrialization Policies

Science and Technology Policies, Competitiveness, and Economic Development—A Case Study of Taiwan

Eviction or Inclusion? The Politics of Resettlement in Calcutta’s Squatter Settlements

Solar Capabilities: Promoting Technological Learning in South Africa’s Photovoltaic Supply Industry

Impacts of Trade Liberalization Policies on Rice Production in Haiti

Understanding Developing Countries’ Capacities to Negotiate Effective Trade Agreements: Columbia

Innovating with Institutions: How Strategic Orientations among One-stop Career Centers Influence Labor Matching, Adaptation, and Performance

Solidere: The Battle for Beirut’s Central District

Using Land Value Capture to Fund Rail Transit Extensions in Mexico City and Santiago de Chile

Social, Governance, and Economic Impact Assessment of Information and Communication Technology Interventions in Rural India

Analytical Input-Output and Supply-Chain Study of China’s Coke and Steel Sectors

Corporate Involvement in Disaster Response and Recovery: An Analysis of the Gujarat Earthquake

The Politics of the Urban Informal Sector and Dominant Social Institutions: A Case Study on the Self-Employed Women’s Association (SEWA)

Land Reform and Economic Development. Case Study on Romania

Transit Pathways to Urban Parks: Intervention for Balancing Development and Accessibility

Geographical and Behavioral Economics of Political Risk for Foreign Direct Investment Location

GIS-based Planning Support System for Transportation and Industrial Location Analysis: A Case Study of the Cokemaking Sector in Shanxi Province, China

Innovative Strategies for Managing Increasing Costs of Paratransit Operations under the Americans with Disabilities Act

Collusion, Crime, and the Death of Downtown: A Study of Firm Relocation in Johannesburg, South Africa

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