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Transit Planning in Curitiba and Bogotá. Roles in Interaction, Risk, and Change

Farming for Supermarkets: Its Collective Good Problems and What Brazilian Growers Have Done About Them

Farm-Level Bureaucrats in Action (and Inaction): the Distribution of Veterinary Services in Laos and Cambodia.

Border-Crossing Knowledge Networking Among Multinational Firms: The Case of Global R&D Facilities

Made in China: The Rise of the Chinese Domestic Firms in the Information Industry

Farming for a global market: Lessons from the Brazilian fresh fruit industry

Trainers by Design: A Case Study of Inter-Firm Learning, Institution Building and Local Governance in Western Mexico

Technological Learning and the Evolution of the Indian Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Sectors

Redistribution within a Democratic Society: the “Finished Business” of the Italian Agrarian Reform

Mediating Regional Development: How Metalworking Firms Forged Lasting Linkages with Steel in Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela

Making Decentralization Work: Building Local Institutions In Cambodia

Workers’ Learning through Inter-firm Linkages in the Process of Globalization: Lessons from the Indian Automobile Industry

Roots of Change: Front-Line Workers and Forest Policy Reform in West Bengal

Applying Organization Economics to Problems of Institutional and Incentive Design in Public Hospital Corporatization: A Decision Rights and Agency Approach

Local Resource Mobilization in Developing Countries: The Case of South Africa

The Public-Trust Doctrine and Environmental Stewardship in Coastal New Hampshire

Beyond Market Failures: Irrigation, The State, and Non-traditional Agriculture in Northeast Brazil

Essays on Exchange Rates and Electricity Demand

Technology Transfer Dynamics: Lessons from the Egyptian and Indian Pharmaceutical Industries

Rebuilding Technologically Competitive Industries: Lessons From Chile and Argentina’s Wine Industry Restructuring

Innovating with Infrastructure: Firm Responses to Inadequate Power and Transportation in the Indian Automobile Industry

Learning and Economic Development in Chile: The State and Transformations in Inter-Firm Relations

When the Marginal Becomes Mainstream: Lessons from a Half-Century of Dynamic Small-Firm Growth in Ludhiana, India

Integrating Disaster and Development Assistance after Natural Disasters: Lessons From PVO Responses in the Third World

The Life of an Idea: The Rise and Fall of Sites and Services at the World Bank

Blessing or Curse? Oil Riches, Economic Policy, and the Restructuring of Venezuela’s Plastics Manufacturing, 1983-1992

China’s Energy-Use Changes from 1981-1987: A Structural Decomposition Analysis

The Role of Mortgage Finance vis-à-vis Other Programmatic Interventions in Low-Income Housing in Developing Countries

Development Assistance and Industrialization: Why are there Differing Views?

Analysis and Decision: A Framework for Estimating Operating Costs in the Urban Transportation Planning Process

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