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(Special Program for Urban and Regional Studies of Developing Areas)
SPURS provides opportunities for mid-career practitioners as well as academic scholars to conduct a yearlong independent program of study and research on regional and urban issues. The program is sufficiently flexible to accommodate the varying intellectual interests of a broad range of SPURS Fellows with work experiences in government, non-governmental organizations, private firms, and universities. Usually at a turning point in their career, SPURS Fellows spend a year pursuing a self-constructed program of study to reflect on their past experiences, learn new technologies and techniques of problem analysis, and develop professional connections with their counterpart practitioners and scholars in North America. While at MIT, SPURS Fellows become immersed in a supportive academic environment where ideas and experiences can be freely discussed and shared with colleagues and faculty who are deeply knowledgeable regarding developmental issues in all parts of the world.

SPURS Seminars
The SPURS Luncheon Seminar Series and the Fellows Evening Professional Seminars are two core components of the program, and are open to the public. The SPURS Luncheon is offered in conjunction with IDG every Monday at 12:15. The luncheon series brings to MIT each week distinguished scholars and practitioners to present and discuss recent ideas in the field of international development. The latter focuses on the practice and ideas of the Fellows themselves. In addition, there is a multitude of seminars and presentations offered through research centers at MIT, including the Ford International Development Seminar Series sponsored by the Center for International Studies, and the ARCO Forum Series offered at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard.

Director: Professor Bish Sanyal ; Administrator: Ms. Nimfa de Leon: