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Undergraduate Concentration in International Development
The Undergraduate Program in Urban Studies and Planning offers students the opportunity to pursue either a major or a minor degree in Course 11. Within this rubric, students may develop a concentration in international development, a path that would entail enrollment in 11.005 (Introduction to International Development) and an array of other courses taught by IDG faculty totaling 57 units to form the stream of concentration for majors or minors. Students also can take a series of Course 11 international development courses for a HASS concentration in Urban Studies, as well as an International Development concentation eithin the Minor in Public Policy. For more information on these options, contact IDG Program Group Head Professor Diane Davis or Undergraduate Program Group Head Professor Judy Layzer (or Acting Head Cherie Abbanat). For more information on Course 11 Major and Minor requirements, see the general DUSP web site.

Undergraduate students who concentrate in International Development can also take advantage of an array of curriculum and program offerings staffed or organized by IDG or DUSP faculty, including the SPURS/IDG Monday luncheon series, the i-House residential program and i-House seminar series, internationally-based practica like Cityscope Peru, and international development internships around the world including those offered by the Program on Human Rights and Justice (PHRJ) and the Public Service Center (PSC).