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The Special Interest Group in Urban Settlement-focuses on housing and community interests in the Departments of Architecture and Urban Studies. It offers workshops, short courses, and carries out research stressing participatory methods in promoting affordable and equitable housing. SIGUS started in 1984 and grew out of experience in developing countries and has evolved to include the developed countries through a commonality of issues and approaches.  It bridges the ‘ivory tower’ world of academics with the ‘swamp of reality’ through creative innovation and ‘hands-on’ field experiences.  It explores the new professionalism emerging for architects and planners.

The ‘SIGUS-way’ typically hosts a 2-week, field-based workshop in January, held in collaboration with a partner university abroad. The theme is then explored through shorter activities at MIT, bringing in resource people who have effectively linked theory and practice. To learn more about SIGUS, go to the SIGUS website: