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Within DUSP, transportation serves as one of the cross-cutting research/education areas, since transportation links to all elements of DUSP's Program Groups: housing and community economic development, environment, city design, and international development. Students interested in transportation have several paths to fulfill their academic and professional interests, both within DUSP and across MIT. Students pursue their transportation interests from a broad range of perspectives - focusing on policy, finance, modeling, design, and more.

Dual degrees are commonly pursued by IDG students the Technology and Public Policy Program and the Transportation area of DUSP. (See the Academics area of this site for more information on dual degrees.) Beyond DUSP, MIT has a long tradition of excellence in transportation, with expertise in public transportation infrastructure and services, intelligent transportation systems, information and communication technologies, transportation economics, airports and air transportation systems, among other disciplines.

For more information, please visit the Transportation in DUSP website by clicking here.