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Our alumni have moved on to enjoy successful careers in many different fields, sectors and countries, creating a global network of knowledge and colleagues. To see some of these positions, click on the 'alumni positions' link to the left.

Some recent alumni have offered to tell their story as alumni of IDG. To see the diversity of their interests and some of their current employment positions, click on the profiles below or on the links in the sidebar to the left.

Zhiyu Jerry Chen
A 2007 MCP graduate, Jerry now works at the world bank in Washington, DC. He was attracted to the IDG by the unique combination of academic research activities at MIT, which helps students to understand the fundamental perspectives of development, and down-to-the-ground planning training and practices of the program, which feeds students with new and creative thinking.

Asha Ghosh
Asha is a 2003 MCP alumni who realized during previous work in energy consulting that she needed a better understanding of policy making in order to pursue her research in infrastructure development for the alleviate of poverty. At MIT, in IDG, Asha learned many of the skills that helped her make the step.

Zeina Saab
A 2008 MCP alumni, Zeina came to IDG not knowing what her interests were. Through courses, practica and research, she developed a sense of what she wanted to do. She has since moved on to an international position and is now doing the 'work of her dreams'.

Valentina Zuin
Ms. Zuin came to MIT with a degree in Public Management and Economics. Here she honed in on her ability to better understand cities in their different development aspects (housing, water and sanitation, local economic development), and to organize and undertake rigorous field work in the developing world.