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Annette Kim
Associate Professor of Urban Studies and Planning

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Q. What is your research focus?

Kim: My research focuses on how society re-negotiates property rights institutions and their relationship with the urban built environment.  I have focused most on transition countries which have undergone major transformations in order to find what shapes these processes to produce more equitable, efficient, and livable cities.  My research has investigated the first generation of land developers, street vendors and pedestrians, intergovernmental relations and public finance, local social norms, housing projects, and sidewalks and other public spaces.

Q. Please tell us about your most recent publications of note.

Kim: "Sidewalk City: Re-mapping the Public and Space in Ho Chi Minh City", University of Chicago Press, forthcoming 2013.

"Unimaginable Change: future directions in planning practice and research about institutional reform," Journal of the American Planning Association, September 2011

“Real rights to the city: Cases of Property Rights changes towards equity in eastern Asia,” Urban Studies, February 2011.

"Talking back: the role of narratives in Vietnam's recent land compensation changes," Urban Studies, February 2011.

"Takings in the Twenty-first Century: comparisons of urban land development controversies in the US, China, and Vietnam,” Cityscape, 11(1): 19-32, 2009.

"Learning to be Capitalists: Entrepreneurs in Vietnam's Trasitional Economy" Oxford University Press, 2008.

"North versus South: the impact of social norms in the market pricing of
private property rights in Vietnam" in World Development, vol. 35, no.12,
December 2007.

Q. What are some of your most recent public lectures?

Kim:Contesting the Streets Conference, UCLA, May 2010"Making way: mapping the street vendors on the sidewalks of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam".

“Learning to be Capitalists: entrepreneurs in Vietnam’s transition economy,”
Harvard Business School, December 2009.