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Bish Sanyal
Ford International Professor of Urban Development and Planning

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Q. Who most influenced your work as a scholar of international development and why?

Sanyal: My strongest influences are Professor John Friedmann and Dr. Albert Hirschman. I worked with John Friedmann on my dissertation, particularly in the areas of social justice, equity and alternative development theory. I read Hirschman's work after finishing my PhD, and was influenced particularly by his ideas on accomplishing institutional goals.

Q. What is your research focus?

Sanyal: Comparative approaches to administrative decentralization (UNDP), formalizing informal land markets (Lincoln Land Institute), politics of organization in the informal economy.

Q. What are some of your most recent public lectures?

Sanyal: "In Search of Solidarity: City Planning Education in an Interconnected World", University of Florence Conference - The City: Ideas, Design, People, Florence, Italy, October 2006

"Return of the Local", Keynote Address, Italian Association of Regional Sciences (AISR) 27th Annual Scientific Conference, Pisa, Italy, October 2006