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Judith Tendler
Professor of Political Economy

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Q. What is your research focus?

Tendler: The study of better-performing programs and services, and in grounding theory and policy advice in the experiences of developing countries themselves.

Q. Please tell us about of your most recent publications of note.

Tendler: Recent publications are Good Government in the Tropics, “Why are social funds so popular?” “Small firms, the informal sector, and the Devil’s Deal,” “Why social policy is condemned to a residual category of safety nets and what to do about it,” and “Undoing the poverty agenda and putting it back together: economic development, social policy, or what?”  Monographs (articles in progress) are: “The Fear of Education,” “The Economic Wars Between the States: Lessons from Brazil and the U.S. South,” and “The Transformation of Local Economies: Lessons from Northeast Brazil.”

Q. What are some of your most recent public lectures?

Tendler: “Who Participates? (in Mexico City, São Paulo, and Delhi),” 6-day workshop/working group meeting on research findings, Bellagio, Italy, 7/21-7/26 2006

Center for Global Development (CGD), Washington D.C., 10/14 2006

“State Initiatives in Central America,” workshop (and related discussions/interviews), sponsored by Guatemalan Ministry of Planning, and Institute for Fiscal Reforms (Guatemala City), 11/7-8 2006