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Ralph Gakenheimer
Professor of Urban Planning

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Q. Who most influenced your work as a scholar of international development and why?

Gakenheimer: Professor Melvin Webber (U. of California at Berkeley) who was a forward thinker on issues of the integration of urban transportation with its full political, social, and technical context.

Q. What is your research focus?

Gakenheimer: I do research on urban transportation in the developing countries. This includes choice of alternative modes of urban public transport, the relation between urban transport and various related systems, especially urban land use, economic development and the environment. 

Q. Please tell us about of your most recent publications of note.

Gakenheimer: I wrote a chapter on "The Social Consequences of Rapid Motorization" in Personal Cars and China, U.S. Nat. Acad. of Science.

I am also a contributing author to "Mobility 2030: Meeting the Challenges of Sustainability" World Business Council for Sustainable Development.  

Q. What are some of your most recent public lectures?

Gakenheimer: Nov. 06  Madrid  “Land Use and Transportation in Developing Countries: Planning in a Context of Controversey,”  First Congress on Humand Development.

Oct. 06  Chapel Hill, NC “Compared Urban Experiences in Transport Problem Solving,” Robertson Program Lecture Series, UNC/Duke University.

July 06 Lyon, France “Decentralized Cooperation for Improved Transport Response to Congestion and Environment,” CODATU 25th Anniversary.

Mar. 06 Delhi, “Transport and Land Use Planning in India” Indian Min. of Urban Devpt. Conference