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Below is a description of the profiles of IDG students selected to share their experiences here at MIT. Click on a name below or on a link to the left to view the interviews.

Kendra Leith
Kendra is a second-year MCP student from Holden, MA who is studying Latin America and the Carribbean, and has also done work in India and Tanzania. Leith tells how the IDG and DUSP have changed her ideas about how to improve the economies of developing countries by helping to provide jobs and improve lives.

Xin Li
Before coming to MIT as a PhD student, Xin's definition of development was confined to economic terms. That definition, however, has been constantly updated since her arrival at DUSP. Here she discovered that development does not simply mean a higher per capita income. It instead embraces a much more complex and broad definition of human life such as environmental conditions, social justice, public health, education, and more.

Sunaree Marshall
Second-year MCP fromCalifornia, Sunaree came to IDG after serving in the Peace Corps. She wanted a program that offered both a strong urban planning and international development focus.

Topher McDougal
This Ph.D. student comes to us from an undergraduate background in philosophy and a "fascination with 'societal progress'". After receiving a master's degree in geography, Topher joined the IDG at MIT as a master's degree student, and began the dpoctoral program in 2007. Here he tells us something about his process, and how MIT's DUSP has widened and deepened his views and goals.