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IDG students come from around the world. While some enter the group straight from undergraduate study, the overwhelming majority bring with them at least a few years of work experience. In previous classes, entering students have gained practical experience in the field through work in public and private planning agencies, non-governmental community organizing and advocacy organizations, and a wide array of positions relevant to the field of international development. IDG students bring a wealth of real-world expertise to their classes and interactions with other students and faculty.

You can learn more about our program through the eyes of our students by visiting one of our selected student profiles.

Faces of IDG - Students


The following include IDG students who have elected to share a brief description of their research interests:



Onesimo A. Flores Dewey, Mexico. PhD
Infrastructure and city growth

Jason Jackson, Jamaica. PhD
The political economy of development and focus on industrial and technology policy in the developing world. Has also done work on issues around trade, regional integration, gender and HIV/AIDS

Kian Goh, Singapore. PhD
Island & State: Politics and Urban Ecologies in Singapore

Deepak Lamba-Nieves, Puerto Rico. PhD
Transnational migration and development, state-civil society relationships, social assistance programs and household financial dynamics.

Graham Denyer Willis, Canada. PhD
Armed groups and insecurity in cities, particularly in Sao Paulo, Brazil; Socio-economic inequality and conflict

Yuan Xiao, China. PhD
Land markets and land politics in developing countries, property rights theories, Chinese urbanization



Daniel Broid, Mexico. MCP 2012
Temporary Organizations and Permanent Government: the case of Indonesia's Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Agency (BRR)

Keren Charles, Trinidad & Tobago. MCP 2012
Threat financing, counterfeit and illicit drug trade, rare-earth elements, counter-radicalization and economic development in Africa and the Caribbean

Kira Intrator, France. MCP 2012
International Development in the context of Disaster Relief and Recovery

Ksenia Mokrushina, Russia. MCP 2012
Olympic Host Cities: Planning for a Greater Post-Olympic Urban Sustainability

Samira Thomas, Canada. MCP 2012
Landscapes of Early Childhood Learning in Kabul, Afghanistan

Julia Tierney, USA. MCP 2012
Peace through the metaphor of war? Pacifying the military police of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Dong William Wang, China. MCP 2012
Energy Saving and Emission Reduction in China’s Residential Sector: Empirical Evidence from Jinan

Jody Pollock, USA. MCP 2013
Forced displacement, gender and sexual violence, trafficking, and conflict in Latin America