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IDG students come from around the world. While some enter the group straight from undergraduate study, the overwhelming majority bring with them at least a few years of work experience. In previous classes, entering students have gained practical experience in the field through work in public and private planning agencies, non-governmental community organizing and advocacy organizations, and a wide array of positions relevant to the field of international development. IDG students bring a wealth of real-world expertise to their classes and interactions with other students and faculty.

You can learn more about our program through the eyes of our students by visiting one of our selected student profiles.

The following include IDG students who have elected to share a brief description of their research interests:

Leila Bozorg, USA. MCP '10
Urban public finance; informal markets/labor/housing; food access and security; mobility; sustainability; Iran.

Derek Brine, USA. MCP '09
Technology for the developing world and the role and impact of the outsider in development

Phuong Anh Bui, Vietnam. MCP '09
Urban land development, low-income housing, poverty alleviation in Asian transition economies.

Salo Vinocur Coslovsky, Brazil. PhD
Environmental protection, public bureaucracies, regulation as a source of innovation

Onesimo Alberto Flores Dewey, Mexico, MCP '09
Growth and development in mid sized cities in Mexico, urban transportation systems

Nicholas DuBroff, USA. MCP '09
Urbanization, development and the environment, GIS modeling

Dana M Erekat, Palestine, USA. MCP '10
Urban policy and spatial analysis of government and non-governmental services in the West Bank, Palestine

Lu Gao, China. PhD
Public finance (tax reform, property tax, land tax), public policy analysis (housing policy), regional and urban economics, real estate development

James Kwashie Habia, Ghana. MCP '09
How to economically provide affordable housing to serve the growing need of the low income population in Ghana and effectively implement environmental policies through effective rule of law

Aman Ismail, Egypt. PhD
International finance and financial development, Private
Equity and Venture Capital in emerging economies; technology policy and development; industrial policy. Focusing in the Middle East & North Africa / Egypt.

Shan Jiang, China. MCP/MST '09
Integration of land-use and transportation, public transportation, urban and regional economics, urban public finance, GIS and planning support systems

Austin Kilroy, United Kingdom. PhD
Urban growth, urban economies, urban spatial configuration, insecurity, fragile states, post-conflict.

Sunaree Marshall, USA. MCP '10
Urbanization, informality, employment generation, participatory development, transition nations, foreign aid

Yu Min Joo, South Korea. PhD
Globalization, decentralization, and planning in developing countries

Kendra Leith, USA. MCP '09
Appropriate technology in the developing world (focus on energy), social entrepreneurship. I have done research in both India and Tanzania, Haiti.

Topher McDougal, USA. PhD
Conflict economics, adaptability of economic institutions and private firms during civil war, property rights regimes in the context of ethnic tension

Kyung-Min Nam, South Korea. PhD
Industrial policy; industrial clusters; automobile industry and clean energy technology; air pollution

Roberto Rocha Coelho Pires, Brazil. PhD
Public sector organizations and sustainable economic development; local governance and participation

Lynn Sue Pyun, South Korea. PhD
Economic development, International management, Korea

Ana Lorena Ramos-Maltes, Puerto Rico. MCP '10
Latin American literature, art, travel, food, fashion, entrepeneurship

Alexa Rosenburg, USA. MCP '09
Research interests include: Migration and development; informal settlements/economy; participation and civic capacity building

Christina Santini, USA. MCP '09
Food sovereignty / food security, regional planning, rural development, urban agriculture

Gary Shu, USA. MCP '10
3. Energy: infrastructure development, economic modeling, industrial policy, environmental impact

Matthew Alan Totilo, USA. MCP '09
Researching the interaction between aid organizations and indigenous, traditional political and social structures in post-violent conflict reconstruction

David Louis Uniman, Colombia. MCP '09
Urban public transportation and international development