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IDG Undergraduates come to us from all walks of life, and with a wide range of goals.Click on one of the names of our undergrads below to learn about their experiences with Department of Urban Studies and Planning and the International Development Group from the perspective of our students. For more information about the academic side of our undergrad program, see the Undergraduate Programs page of this web site.

Diana Jue
Double major Diana studies economics as well as international development came to MIT to study applied energy technologies, but fell in love with the complex issues taught by DUSP faculty such as international development, poverty, housing, energy and the environment, economic growth, and human rights and activism. Diana worked last year as a reporter for The Tech, MIT's newspaper, and worked on a series of articles published there.

Lyndsay Carlisle
With a love of travel and a desire to put practical applications to work to solve problems within communities, Lyndsay tells how her educational pathway led her to DUSP's IDG and out into the world - traveling to places like Peru, Mexico, and Amsterdam to do research and project work - a lifelong dream.