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Institutional Reform and Good Governance in Water and Sanitation
Professor Jennifer Davis

Prof. Davis is currently working on a global study of sustainability in rural water supply systems, as well as on an investigation of private-sector participation in the W&S sector. In addition, as a member of the United Nations Millennium Development Task Force for Water & Sanitation, Professor Davis is conducting research on issues of scaling up successful infrastructure initiatives; health and economic benefits of improved infrastructure services; and determinants of poor access to infrastructure in the developing world.

Reform of public sector water and sanitation institutions is an important component of improving water supply and sanitation services for South Asia's 1.2 billion residents.

A number of public water and sanitation enterprises have improved their effectiveness, promoted transparency and accountability, boosted staff performance, and established responsive relationships with the communities they serve. Much can be learned from these success stories to better promote reform in South Asia's water and sanitation sector.

Professor Davis seeks answers to implementing good reform in South Asia's water and sanitation sector.

Professor Tendler also collaborated with faculty and students on this project.