Journal Founder: Eryn Deeming

Senior Editor: Lawrence Vale

Volume 8 Editors: Isabelle Anguelovski, Anna Brand, Rachel Healy

Editorial Advisory Board : Dr. Julian Agyeman, Associate Professor, Department of Urban and Environmental Planning, Tufts University. Dr. Gianpaolo Baiocchi, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, Brown University. Dr. Marcel Bursztyn, Giorgio Ruffolo Research Fellow in Sustainability Science, Harvard University, and Director of the Center for Sustainable Development, University of Brasilia. Dr. JoAnn Carmin, Associate Professor, Department of Urban Studies and Planning, MIT. Dr. Susan Fainstein, Professor, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University. Dr. John Forester, Professor, Department of City and Regional Planning, Cornell University. Dr. Susan Holcombe, Professor of the Practice, Sustainable International Development Program, School of Social Policy and Management, Brandeis University. Dr. Peter Marcuse, Professor, Division of Urban Planning, Columbia University. Dr. David Pellow, Professor, Ethnic Studies, University of California at San Diego. Dr. Philip Thompson, Professor, Department of Urban Studies and Planning, MIT. Faculty Advisors: Lawrence Vale


Justice, Equity, and Sustainability

Projections is the peer-reviewed MIT Journal of Planning that focuses on the most innovative and cutting-edge ideas and practices in planning. Each issue is devoted to a specific area of interest to planning scholars and professionals. It aims at publishing high quality research papers, reflective studies, and case studies on the specific theme of each issue.

Emerging research and practice recognizes that sustainable communities need to be built on a foundation of justice and equity. Environmental and social degradation are closely coupled to power inequity, thus compelling academics, researchers, and practitioners to conceptualize and build sustainable communities and places with these essential elements in mind. Within and between rural and urban communities and places, in developed and developing nations, achieving sustainability demands putting equity rights at the center of planning and implementation.

Volume 8 of Projections brings together articles from academics and practitioners to theorize, critically reflect on past experiences, and examine the intersection of justice and sustainability as a framework for planning and action. The volume includes a combination of case studies, theoretical and critical analyses, research and policy briefs, and design and photographic conceptualizations.

Projections, the Journal of the MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning, aims to provide the most in-depth, innovative treatment of cutting edge ideas in planning. Each volume is devoted to a different topic of interest to planning scholars, students, and professionals. Projections is a unique collaboration between graduate students in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at MIT and an editorial board composed of leading scholars in the areas most closely linked to the topic under discussion.

As a peer-reviewed publication, Projections welcomes original high quality submissions at the vanguard of planning theory and practice. The editorial board for Volume 8 will include leading academics and practitioners, such as Prof. Susan Fainstein (Harvard University), Prof. Susan Holcombe (Brandeis University), Prof. Philip Thompson (MIT), Prof. JoAnn Carmin (MIT), Prof. Julian Agyeman (Tufts University), and Prof. David Pellow (UC San Diego), whose work focuses on the intersection of justice and sustainability.

To download individual articles, or the entire volume, see the webpage for the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at MIT.

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