Katherine L. Dykes -- dykesk"at" mit.edu


Ph.D. Candidate
Engineering Systems Division, MIT
Cambridge, MA USA 02139

Research Interests

Katherine has researched and worked with a variety of applications in sustainable energy and transportation systems from both engineering and economic perspectives.

At MIT, she is involved with projects on the innovation and diffusion of wind energy technology. During her first two years, she worked with the Program on Emerging Technologies to develop a retrospective case study of the development of wind energy technology in the US and Europe. This has led subsequently to two projects. The first project uses system dynamics to model wind energy diffusion. In particular, this work looks at the role of system integration on the operational and economic costs of wind energy diffusion using input from a reanalysis study on 40+ wind integration case studies. The second project emphasizes the role of social and political factors in technological innovation and involves both historical case work and development of theory in the area of standards and innovation.

Beyond research, Katherine is active in the energy community at and around MIT. She is the founder of the MIT wind energy sub-community and a co-author for the US Offshore Wind Collaborative's white-paper on offshore wind energy for the US. Currently, she is engaging in collaborative research on innovation for offshore wind energy with researchers at NTNU, Norway as well as with the US OWC.

Research Methods: system dynamics, systems analysis, comparative case studies

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