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(version of 19 May 1994)

(note: world-wide-web mosaic home page exists, under-construction,
 by joost bonsen '92, info: <>

Welcome to the MIT Entrepreneurs Club (aka: "The E-Club") locker.

These archives offer bits and pieces of the history of The E-Club,
dating back to it's beginnings, over six years ago.

Here also is most of the history of our currently-most-visible, campus-
wide annual activity, The MIT $10K Student Competition, just completing 
its 5th year, and through which we have awarded over $61,000 in cash
prizes, plus an inestimable amount in professional services in-kind, for 
the purposes of helping MIT student teams launch their technology-based
new start-up enterprises from zero-stage.

Two directories, SEM-089 & SEM-095, contain files on two new undergraduate
seminars (six credits each term) on all aspects of MIT-based technology 
entrepreneurship and business start-ups.  I designed and taught these
seminars for the first time during the academic year 1993-1994, and shall
offer them again during the year 94-95.  My faculty advisor for these
courses is MIT-Toyota Professor, and Head of The Department of Materials
Science and Engineering, Merton C. Flemings.  

A new directory, FAS, will soon contain files on a new Freshman Advisory
Seminar I've been asked to design and offer next fall term 1994 for
entering MIT freshpersons.  The title and theme of this new course 
is "Social Networking" and it shall cover all aspects of face-to-face 
and electronic networking in the MIT environment and beyond.  For an
early look at the course description go next and browse that directory.
My faculty advisor for this seminar is Professor Paul Resnick, of the
Center for Coordination Science at MIT's Sloan School of Management.

note on seminars 089 & 095:

If you're a new freshman at MIT, and you're interested in any of
these topics, and especially their application to getting around and 
meeting people at MIT, and beyond, as you shall see when you start browsing
this locker's contents, please know that there's a soft limit of 15
(fifteen) students for credit for seminars 089 & 095, and we have grad
students, recent alum and a few Harvard students who participate as well.

note on the new freshman advisory seminar:

If you're a new freshman at MIT, and you're especially interested in
the FAS topic "Social Networking", please be advised that there's
a hard limit of 8 (eight) freshmen students for credit in this course,
plus as many as three upper-classmen "associate-advisors", who also
do the course work involved, and two of us doing primary advising.
There will undoubtedly be a few other students, grad students and
recent alum who will participate from-time-to-time.

The first time we'll all get together will be at the Freshman Picnic,
so here's looking forward to an interesting and useful time!

(now, back to the general stuff)

Other directories herein contain information we hope will be of immediate
and future use to anyone at MIT interested in learning about launching a 
high-technology, or no-technology, new start-up business enterprise at MIT.

Whether the idea will be implemented at The Institute or as an off-campus
spin-off, a new graduate's off-campus enterprise, or an on-campus not-
for-profit activity, all will need to be designed, organised, funded and
operated in as professional a mode as possible.  The E-Club assists with
these processes on many levels with a wide range of expertise, in hands-on
as well as hands-off styles, and with a great emphasis on networking.

Faculty, staff and alum will also find the files in this locker useful
for their own like pursuits, and would do well to remember that in those
bigger histories of start-ups and spin-offs at MIT, the principal players
in countless entrepreneurial efforts have included teams made up of a
good mix of students, faculty, staff and alum.

So, do browse this locker freely and note that at first reading some
directory and file names may not indicate an obvious connection to what 
a prospective MIT entrepreneur would expect to find in such a collection
of knowledge; however, when doing a new start-up enterprise every possible
route toward understanding "how it all works" should be explored.  Ideas, 
course materials and seemingly unrelated resources, people and various
departments, centers and offices at MIT, and certainly government agencies
and other non-profit entities, will often be found to be of great value 
to anyone starting out on this path for the first and quite often for 
the nth time for that second or more successful hit!

a note on our new ftp site at ...

As of the first of the year 1994, The E-Club maintains a similar archive
at an ftp site which may be accessed by most people on The Internet.

(This locker is located in the afs cell "" and is only
accessible to Athena and other afs users at a limited number of educational
and government agencies' sites).  

The new and more "public" site may be reached by ftp, in the usual manner,
at "" using the login "anonymous" and "your-internet-address"
as the password.

The e-club ftp archives, in /public/mit-e-club, are slowly accumulating
files from this locker, the E-Club's archives stowed elsewhere, and
newly published announcements and newsletters. 

Sorry, no uploading or writing directly to the site by other than the
archivers/maintainers, or the kind and bless-ed site providers at MIT's 
Laboratory for Computer Science.

Anyone wishing to submit articles, course and book reviews, pointers to
library and other net-sources of information on entrepreneurship and
especially technology start-ups, should send me a note, addressed simply
to:  Richard Shyduroff, at <>, describing what you
have in mind, and if it's not obvious, why it should be included in the
archives.  Following any required discussion, material may be accepted
as-is, or for editing and to be included at a later date, time constraints
assumed to be kindly understood by all parties.

Currently, consideration for first-hand articles on (especially) MIT
spin-offs and start-ups, goes first to those who have been invited to
write for the new quarterly journal, _The E-Club Review_, which is a
new electronic journal based at MIT, about which more can be learned
in the directory "E-CLUB-REVIEW", under construction in both this
locker and at the ftp site.

Plans include the publishing of the journal as a traditional
hard-copy quarterly, or "irregular", which may be more realistic.

Additionally, I have begun a project to video-document courses
and lectures at MIT on subjects related to technology start-ups
and entrepreneurship.  The first course consists of eleven lectures
of the thirteen weeks of Professor Robert H. Rines' Inventions
and Patents, MIT course 6.901, with plans to edit these talks
and discussions down to a very tight three hour tutorial which
should be ready to include in the next $10K Student Competition
information and support materials packet, to be available during
the early part of fall term, 1994.

The next step will be to organise the video materials, along with
references and appropriate supporting documents, onto a cd-rom,
which I am proposing to produce at MIT's Center for Educational
Computing Initiatives (CECI), and to deploy in networked versions
on Athena, and on the Internet made viewable most probably by
a Mosaic, or better, browser.

This first video and network-accessible tutorial is planned to be
the first in a comprehensive series, as a joint effort of The E-Club,
MIT's Center for Advanced Engineering Studies (CAES), the CECI,
and MIT's Industrial Liaison Program, and which I have just begun
to write a number of draft grant proposals around.  For details
as they surface, see the new directory "Video/CD-ROM Turorials".

These efforts are being designed and launched in part to help satisfy
a growing number of requests for help from other university and
college entrepreneurs clubs, as well as to satisfy the writing and
publishing needs of a growing number of MIT E-Club members who wish to
share their stories and the knowledge they've accumulated first-hand,
along the way toward establishing themselves as technology-based
and enterprising citizens.

So, enjoy your browsing here and at the ftp site, and have a look
at Joost Bonsen's E-Club Mosaic Home Page when you have a moment ...

... there's more to come,

	- richard shyduroff, Co-Founder & Co-Director
	  The MIT Entrepreneurs Club, aka: "The E-Club"
	 <> or <>
          617-253-2000; emergency page: 617-468-2886
	  fax: 617-258-6264, attn: r. shyduroff, e15-443