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The 2005 Cold Fusion Colloquium

Cold Fusion and Other Clean Energy Investigations with Special Tribute to
Dr Eugene Mallove, Cold Fusioneer, Investigator and MIT Graduate '69

Saturday May 21 from 8AM-9PM in MIT Room 6-120
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Eugene Mallove

General | Morning | Poster | Tribute | Afternoon | Evening

General Topics

CF science and engineering, patents and IP, theoretical understandings and evidence that CF involves nuclear reactions.

Morning Program 8AM-12PM

1. Welcome and Introduction

2. Experimental Reports of CF Systems

David NagelEvidence That CF Involves Nuclear Reactions
Russ GeorgeAcoustic Induced CF Experiments
John DashCharacterizing Ti Cathodes After Electrolysis in Heavy Water
Peter HagelsteinInteractions of Phonons and Lattice Nuclei in CF
Mitchell SwartzA Possible Parameter to Describe Optimal Operating Point Width
Poster Session & Discussion 9AM-6PM

CF and clean alternative energy posters, review posters and engineering advances.

Tribute to Dr Eugene Mallove 10AM-3PM

A formal group meeting is scheduled for 11:30AM in Killian Hall, with informal sessions ongoing at this location during the day.

Afternoon Program 1PM-6PM

1. Theoretical Strides in Understanding CF Systems

Yeong KimMicro/Nano High-Desity Plasmas and Acoustic-Induced CF
Talbot ChubbBloch Nuclei and Phonon De-Excitation
Scott ChubbUnderstanding CF Using Conventional Condensed Matter Physics
Robert BassDo Current Concepts Resolve the Chief Challenge to CF Theory?
Mitchell SwartzThe Absence of Bremsstrahlung is Consistent with Conventional Physics
Keith JohnsonAnomalous Superconducting Properties of the PdHx/PdDx System and Their Possible Relationship to CF

2. IP and Patent Office Accountability

Robert RinesThe Patent Office and CF
Group DiscussIssues of Accountability

3. Experimental Strides in New Alternative Clean Energy Systems

Ken ShouldersCharge Clusters and the Hutchinson Effect
Peter GraneauAlternative Energy using Latent Energy of Water
Brian AhernCatalyzed Combustion for High Efficiency and Reduced Emissions

4. Group Discussion on the Future of CF

Evening Program 7:30PM-9PM

1. Special Treat: CF Movie or MIT Tours

MovieBreaking Symmetry premiered in Cambridge at Cold Fusion Night at the Movies with Dr Eugene Mallove and is now the basis for a network drama series The Institute.
ToursVisit MIT's Materials Department, Stata Center, Media Lab and Select Public and Private Museums.

2. Concluding Remarks and Wrap-Up Discussion