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Dear E-Clubbers,

As Richard previously mentioned in his earlier emails, I am the new E-Club President. I just want to take this time to introduce myself to everyone in the club and seminars and welcome any questions/comments/concerns you all have for the remainder of this year and the upcoming school year. In a similar style to the SEBC club, I am including a newsletter type notice containing entrepreneurial events occurring in the area. I hope to send out these notices every other week or so depending on the amount of events I hear about. Let me know what you all think about this. Now on to the first issue.

Reuben Cummings
MIT Entrepreneurs Club President

What's in this issue:

1. Brown Univ 2004 Entrepreneurial Extravaganza ---> I will be attending this so email me if interested
2. Hydroid field trip* -----> please respond if interested
3. BioStrategy Seminar Series: Managing a Biotech Start-up

*sponsored by e-club/sem095/sem089

1. Brown Univ 2004 Entrepreneurial Extravaganza

  2nd Annual Entrepreneurial Extravaganza
When:   April 30th and May 1st
Location:       Brown University and Bryant College
Sponsors:       Brown and Bryant Global Entrepreneurship Programs

Description:    You are invited to network with the best undergraduate business students and compete for over $25,000 in prizes. On April 30th and May 1st, the Brown Entrepreneurship Program and the Bryant Global Entrepreneurship Program will be hosting the 2nd Annual Entrepreneurial Extravaganza.

Keynote Speakers
Ted Turner - Media Visionary and Philanthropist
Amy Henry - a.k.a. "Amy" from The Apprentice
David Neeleman - CEO of JetBlue Airways

Compete for $5,000 in cash
Elevator Pitch Competition - Pitch your business idea in two minutes or less.     
Prizes:  1st Place: $1500      2nd Place: $500         3rd Place: $250

Case Study Competition - Teams of students are presented with a business case and then make a 10-minute presentation to a panel of judges. 
Prizes:  1st Place: $2000      2nd Place: $750         3rd Place: $250

The Extravaganza offers the opportunity to compete for cash and prizes through our Case Study Competition and Elevator Pitch Competition (which will be judged by Amy from The Apprentice).  We are also offering an Entrepreneur's Bootcamp with 8 different panels and over 25 distinguished speakers.  This is truly an opportunity you won't want to miss.

The registration fee for the Entrepreneur's Bootcamp is $10 and the Elevator Pitch and Case Study Competitions are $15 each for students. Registration at guarantees a seat at both Ted Turner and David Neeleman speeches and three catered meals. In addition, we will provide transportation between Brown and Bryant and accommodations for students who need to stay over on Friday night. Seats are limited, so register soon! We would appreciate if you can promote this event by sending out the attached information to your e-mail distribution list.

contact:  Brown Entrepreneurship Program <ep*brown*edu> or me Reuben Cummings <reubano>

2. Hydroid field trip

  field trip this spring to hydroid
When:   during seminar wed (6-9), sat afternoon may 15th, or another suggestion???
Location:       old family retreat, west falmouth, just 10 minutes away
Sponsors:       e-sem089

Description:    Hydroid, Inc. is a rapidly growing technology company located on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.   The company manufactures, sells and services the lightweight, compact REMUS Autonomous Underwater Vehicle to a worldwide market. This is as follow-up to the bluefin case discussed in seminar , and in anticipation of a visit with professor JERRY MILGRAM (mit ocean engineering, w.h.o.i., n.r.l., and more...). Dinner/Lunch to be included.

Please email if interested and include preferred dates/times
contact:     Richard Shyduroff <rdshydur> or Reuben Cummings <reubano>

3. BioStrategy Seminar Series: Managing a Biotech Start-up

  BioStrategy Seminar Series: Managing a Biotech Start-up and New Drug Discovery/Optimization Techniques
When:   Thursday, April  22nd 6:30 to 8:00 pm
Location:       MIT/Sloan Campus, Sloan Tang Center, Room 315
Sponsors:       Sloan BioPharma Business Club

Description:    The Bimonthly Lecture Series that Explores the Intersection of Biotechnology and Enterprise Proudly Presents Carmichael Roberts President and Co-founder of Surface Logix. Carmichael received his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from Duke and is an MIT Sloan alum. He has been named one of the world's top 100 entrepreneurs by MIT's Technology Review Magazine.

PLEASE NOTE NEW LATER START TIME The event will now start with dinner. The formal presentation will begin at 7pm 

~   Open to the Entire Community   ~

Join us for Dinner, Lecture and Discussion
contact: "Daniel Alarco" <dalarco>

Reuben Cummings
MIT Entrepreneurs Club President
Department of Chemical Engineering  c/o 2004
dorm: 617-225-7427
cell: 309-453-7908