Downloading EasyMesh & ShowMesh

This program is distributed with no warranty of any kind. The author does not accept any responsability for the consequences of using it, or for wheather it serves any particular purpose or works at all.

EasyMesh is freeware, and you may use it for any purpose at no cost, with no need for any licence. You may use it at home or at your place of work, for private or for business purposes.

You may not distribute EasyMesh as a component of any commercial product without a prior license agreement with the author.

To download EasyMesh source code click easymesh_1_4.c. To download ShowMesh click showmesh_1_0.c. If you intend to run EasyMesh under DOS, and you don't want to bother with the compilation, you can download the DOS executable by clicking on

If you need these html pages, click on easymesh_html.tar.gz for tared and gzipped files, or for files compressed with Winzip 6.2, depending on the format you prefer.

You can also download few examples by clicking on examples.tar.gz or on

If you like EasyMesh or ShowMesh, and continue to use it, I am very interested to get some feedback from you. Please send me comments, suggestions, problems and bugs. Please let me know under which operating system are you using it, and which features would you like to see in the future releases.

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