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Thomas H. Desmond  (1884 – 1950)

Henry V. Hubbard

Thomas H. Desmond entered the profession of landscape architecture through an agricultural education at Cornell.  After several years working at a firm based in Buffalo, New York, he opened a practice of his own in Hartford, Connecticut, in 1913.  In his practice, he worked on landscape design projects on a variety of scales.  During WWI, he worked as a town planner for the United States Housing Corporation. Later he joined with other colleagues to form a consulting firm that would help municipalities update their city plans. This firm was later known as of Desmond & Yarwood, Inc. Desmond served as an active member of the American Society of Landscape Architects for many years, including several years as its treasurer and as its vice president

Sample Projects
Plan for Simsbury, Connecticut (1948)

Sources/Further Information:
The primary source for this sketch is the obituary published in Landscape Architecture (v. 51, no. 1, October 1950, pp. 78-79.)