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2012 Short Summer Course (2.50s): Energy, sustainability, and LCA

Back row (standing) (left to right) : Kotaro Kawajiri, Shaw Feng, Timothy G. Gutowski (Course Teacher), Paul Witherell, Yale Zhang, Chris Schaffner, Sudarsan Rachuri, Ronald Van Vilsteren, Danny Cunningham, Dusan Sekulic (Course Teacher), Nattaporn Lohitharn, Chris Bolin, Kevin Lyons, Aron Jazcilevich, Rayed Alwajeed, Swee Leong, Frank Riddick, Jorge Pina

Front row (sitting) (left to right) : Sahil Sahni (Teaching Assistant), Paul Mativenga, Bhavik Bakshi (Course Teacher), Shamim Ahmad, Madoc Sheehan, Kai Zhuang, Khalid Alammar


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Course Lecture Slides

Day 1, Session 1 and 2

Introduction: Thermodynamic framework for materials production and manufacturing processes


Day 1, Session 3

Part (a) Introduction to LCA

Part (b) WSJ Cases Study


Day 1, Session 4

Defining a system for sustainability


Day 2, Session 5

Energy in a sustainability problem


Day 2, Session 6

Exergo-economics and Exergyenvironmental analysis


Day 2, Session 7

Cumulative exergy analysis


Day 2, Session 8

Lecture: Advanced life cycle assessment

Eco-LCA data files: 1, 3 propane-diol, biomass, fossil, and cups.


Day 3, Session 9

Applications of LCA


Day 3, Session 10

Design for Sustainability