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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Custom Catalogs
The Ambit Press catalog includes custom catalogs that allows MIT departments to order customized printed products that feature the unique departmental design. These designs often pair the departmental logo with the MIT logo.

Create a custom catalog for your department.

Ambit Press can produce an online catalog of business papers featuring your official departmental logo. Your department is eligible if you:

Three steps to creating a custom catalog:

  • Identify a person or team within your department authorized to approve your department's logo.
  • Conduct internal research on the products needed, quantity ordered, and volume of orders throughout your department.
  • Contact the eCAT3 team at to start the process.
Here is a list of the current online custom catalogs.
  • MIT Brain and Cognitive Sciences
  • MIT Community Connections
  • MIT Department of Facilities
  • MIT Division of Comparative Medicine
  • MIT Energy Initiative
  • MIT Faculty Club
  • MIT Global Education & Career Developement
  • MIT Executive Suite
  • MIT Information Services & Technology
  • MIT International Scholars Office
  • MIT International Science and Technology Initiative
  • MIT Investment Management Company
  • MIT Koch Institute
  • MIT Libraries
  • MIT Office of the Vice President of Finance
  • MIT Presidents Office(Executive Suite)
  • MIT Resource Development
  • MIT School of Humanities, Arts and Social Science
  • MIT School of Science
  • MIT Security and Emergency Management Office
  • MIT Wellesley Upward Bound