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Tips for Using the New GovConnection Catalog

New and Improved Features

The New GovConnection catalog includes many features that have been requested by the MIT community, including:


Important Notes Before Using the New Catalog

Shipping Addresses

GovConnection's new catalog allows users to create and maintain different shipping address profiles. When you first use the new catalog, you will have to create a new address by clicking on the "Create New Address" button. When creating new addresses in the Departmental Catalog, be sure to use the default value, "Save Address to Group List" and click the "I Accept" checkbox.

On your next visit to the site, your shipping address will default to the last address you used. To quickly access all the addresses you have created, select Show My Group Addresses from the drop-down menu on the Select Shipping Address page.

Order Tracking

To track your order, click on the "Order Tracking" link on the left hand side of the catalog pages. You may enter the GovConnection order number or search by a range of dates. In April, GovConnection will add the ability to search by purchase order number