In the context of news reporting to the end user, 'push and pull' technologies can be defined as follows:

Time will be spent in this section on push technologies, which are newer and less well understood than pull. The best known example of push technology in news is the product PointCast. This software can help users consume news and information in two ways: Some interesting facts from Media Metrix show that: The economic model PointCast has built is to charge money for advertising space on the screens which users view. The push technology along with the quality of users allows more targeted advertising to be undertaken. The economic success of PointCast is proven by the fact there have been more entrants into this market, most noticeably from BackWeb's "Channel Server", and Lanacom's "Headliner". Conclusion

The conclusion in all of this is that while the jury is still out on the success of push technology, the argument of 'push versus pull' is not really relevant. Both are different ways of getting news to the end customer, and both will survive. However, the currently available push technology is still constrained by bandwidth considerations, a problem which needs to be solved before there is more universal use of "push" as a technology for news dissemination.
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