CAO Registration Form
for all MIT Departments and Organizations Selling Goods/Services

MIT Ecommerce Home

Dear Merchants,

As many of you may know, MIT is currently undergoing a restructure of its Merchant Services program. We are converting existing merchants over to our new solution hosted by Cybersource, MIT’s selected compliance vendor.

What does this conversion mean to you?

Because of these efforts, we are not making any revisions or upgrades to existing merchants, other than to change basic user access. In addition, no merchant who has had a “dormant” merchant ID will be restarted under OMARS/Clear Commerce. These merchants will be classified as “new” merchants for the new hosted solution.

Are you thinking about becoming a merchant?

If a DLC is interested in becoming a merchant, please To be approved for a new merchant ID, you will be sent a link for a Business Plan, which must be completed and returned to the email box: Please allow at least 6 weeks for the process of submitting the business plan and also for setting up a test system. All new merchants will be required to have a “Payment Page,” which will either be a link from your existing web site or a URL that will refer customers to self pay via the web with their credit cards. In addition, merchants can accept credit cards in a face-to-face situation (retail swipe) or over the phone. Paper forms, faxes and emails with credit cards will no longer be accepted.

What if the timeframe does not meet your needs?

Although the convenience of credit card acceptance is apparent, if this timeframe does not meet your business needs, other arrangements will need to be made for the payment of conferences, services, and/or goods. The registration portion of conferences, seminars, and or courses can still be completed online, but payments must be mailed in the form of a check, money order, or submitted via wire transfer. If a DLC is interested in offering its customers the option of wire transfer, please go to the MIT on how to proceed.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.