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The Emergent Design Group (EDG) was founded in 1997 at the School of Architecture & Planning, MIT to research new approaches to design at the intersection of architecture, engineering, artificial intelligence, and material science. The group develops simulations, tools, prototype designs and building systems with a focus on the emergent properties of materials. Projects break new ground by combining developments in modeling theory, intelligent systems, organizational theory and the science of dynamics to enlarge the space of possibility for contemporary design and computation.

Emergent Structural Morphology (AD Architectural Design, Special Issue, Contemporary Techniques in Architecture, Academy Editions (London) vol 72(1) January 2002, 12-16)

Emergent Design: a crosscutting research program and design curriculum integrating architecture and artificial intelligence (Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design 2001, vol 28(4) July, 481-498)

For more information about Peter Testa and Devyn Weiser's teaching go to Advanced Architectural Design Studios.
PETER TESTA is Principal in Charge of Design of TESTA Architecture & Design based in Los Angeles and founding director of the Emergent Design Group in the Department of Architecture and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

DEVYN WEISER is a Principal at TESTA Architecture & Design and co-founder of the Emergent Design Group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

UNA-MAY O'REILLY is a Research Scientist at the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, MIT and a founding member of EDG. Dr. O'Reilly is an expert in the field of evolutionary algorithms and machine learning. She is responsible for overseeing development of investigatory software.