GENR8: Generative Form Modeling (2001)

GENR8 is an innovative design tool that fuses an expressively powerful universe of growth languages with evolutionary search. The software combines 3D map L-systems that are extended to an abstract physical environment with Grammatical Evolution. Evolutionary Algorithms (EA) typically adapt 'on-line' but GENR8 is designed to accommodate the back and forth control exchange between user and tool during on-line evolutionary adaptation. Users may interrupt, intervene and then resume GENR8. This allows for interactive design evaluation and computational multi-criteria search. The investigative software is written in C++ as a plug-in to Alias|Wavefront Maya.

Principal Investigator: Peter Testa, School of Architecture & Planning
Co-Principal Investigator: Una-May O'Reilly, Artificial Intelligence Lab
Software Design: Martin Hemberg

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Installation Files & Source Code
Documentation : Installation Instructions, Tutorial, Troubleshooting

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