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What is GENR8?
GENR8 is a design tool for generating surfaces. Surfaces are generated through a reactive growth process. The growth is governed by a grammar that holds the instructions for the growth process. The growth model is based on map L-systems. It is important to note that once an element of the surface has been grown, it is not fixed in space and may move as it is affected by the environment. The process is not entirely intuitive at first, since there are no fixed points during the growth.

The development of the surface is highly dependant on the environment, which can be defined by the user as well as a lot of parameters.

Map L-Systems
Map L-systems are version of the more familiar L-systems. Formally it can be seen as a method for rewriting strings (compare with the more famous Chomsky grammars). Map L-systems is a graphic interpretation of the strings as graphs and it is those graphs that are produced by GENR8. More about the growth model and map L-systems can be found in the publications.

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