Hazard Types - Tentative List

Last modified by J. Repa, 10/29/2002

Below is a table of hazard types, updated following our Thursday afternoon meeting of 10/24. The column labelled "Recommended initial list" has an "x" for the hazard types we chose to include in the initial list at the Thursday meeting. The columns "Training rules" and "PSFC" flag hazard types related to training rules and to the PSFC system, respectively.

Hazard groupHazard type Recommended
initial list
Training rules
Radiation-generating materials Radioactive materials xx  
Large sources of radiation  x  
Iodination  x  
Sealed sources of radiation  x  
Radiation-generating equipment X-ray machine xx  
Gamma cell irradiator  x  
Accelerator x   
Non-ionizing radiation sources Lasers (class 3b or 4) xx x
RF sources x   
Magnets x   
Biological Bio materials (bacteria, virus,
fungus, parasites, recomb DNA)
Human materials  x  
Pathogenic agents  x  
Select agents  x  
Bio level 2+  x  
Animals Animals x   
Chemicals - general or specific Chemicals xx x
Gas cylinders x  x
Hydrofluoric acid (HF) x   
Perchloric acid and organic peroxides x   
Flammable liquids x  x
Combustible metals x  x
Reactive materials x   
Chemical wastes Satellite accumulation x   
Less than 90-day storage area x   
Large quantities of oil Oil in quantities > 55 gallons xx  
Other Asbestos xx  
High voltage x   
Confined space xx  
Noise > 85 dB xx  
Cranes/lifts x   
Pressure vessels x   
Heat stress x   
Ergonometric hazards or lifting x   
Powered industrial vehicles x   
Additional items from PSFC
(Maybe we don't need these.)
Caustic/acid    x
Halogenated solvents    x
Epoxy    x
Photographic chemicals    x
Toxic chemicals    x
Used chemicals    x
Cryogenic liquids    x