From Tue Jun 22 12:32:14 1993 Newsgroups: comp.infosystems.www,alt.hypertext,gnu.misc.discuss,comp.unix.admin From: (William C Fenner) Subject: Re: Documenting systems and networks- TeXinfo & HTML Organization: NRL Connection Machine Facility, Washington, DC Date: Wed, 16 Jun 1993 14:26:52 GMT In article <1vltnm$> (Edward Vielmetti) writes: >There's a link to a bunch of TeXinfo documents on the Ohio State >WWW server - Mosaic has a pointer to it, and the doc id is > >if you want to look at it. > >That gateway looks to be a start of a work in progress - i say that >mostly because some obvious tags like @i() aren't done. That gateway uses the info files as the source for the documents, not the texinfo source. It converts info files to html on the fly. I wrote my own info file to html converter, because the one Ohio State is using doesn't take advantage of the tag information for large files, and just does a simple linear search. You can try it out on my experimental server. I like the idea of converting info to html on the fly, because it doesn't require an extra step to make stuff available in the Web - if you install a new package and update the info directory, then it's immediately available. Bill -- Bill Fenner