Elias Issa

I am a neuroscientist studying how the visual system works. I was trained as a biomedical engineer at Johns Hopkins and came to MIT to do a postdoc in visual neuroscience with Jim DiCarlo. In thinking about cortical sensory processing, a good starting point is the traditional view of a feedforward hierarchy where features of increasing complexity are built in stages. These representations are not static and can be dynamically shaped by inference and learning. Guided by a theoretical framework, I ask how these updates are reflected in the patterns of neural responses that we observe. Currently, I am working toward developing an experimental platform around the common marmoset where we can approach many of the remaining, pertinent questions in high-level vision.


I am starting a new lab at Columbia University in fall 2017.

@SFN 2016

*Rajalingham R, *Issa EB, Kar K, Schmidt K, DiCarlo JJ (2016). Image-grain comparison of core object recognition behavior in humans, monkeys and machines. Soc. Neurosci. Abstr. 46, #801.11. San Diego, CA. abstr pdf info

Issa EB, Schmidt KM, Ohayon S & DiCarlo JJ (2016). A simple, wireless system for remote, highthroughput behavioral testing of nonhuman primates. Soc. Neurosci. Abstr. 46, #801.10. San Diego, CA. abstr pdf info

Working papers

Issa E, Cadieu C & DiCarlo J. Evidence that the ventral stream codes the errors used in hierarchical inference and learning. Under review abstr talk


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