Elections Calendar: Fall 2012

Below is the timeline for UA Senate and Class Council elections. Please send any questions to ua-elect@mit.edu

Tuesday, 9/4
  • 4pm, ua.mit.edu: Election Packets available
  • 12pm-5pm, W20-401: Office Hours (for elections); photos taken for candidates without a camera
Monday, 9/17
  • 5pm, W20-401: Deadline for paperwork collection; Platform statements and photos due via email to ua-elect@mit.edu
Monday, 9/17
  • 5pm: Campaigning Begins (candidates must wait for ua-elect approval)
Wednesday 9/19
  • 9am, vote.mit.edu: Online Voting Begins (Campaigning must cease in Athena Clusters; all campaign posters in Athena Clusters must be removed)
Friday, 9/21
  • 4pm: Online Voting Ends
Saturday, 9/22
  • 12:01am, vote.mit.edu: Winners are announced
Friday, 10/5
  • 5pm, W20-401: Proof of registration and funding form due. (It is recommended that proof of registration be submitted with other paperwork.)









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