Who's Who on the UA Election Commission

Meet the People Who Keep the Elections Running Smoothly...

The UA Election Commission is comprised of five members.

Late in the spring term, the Nominations Committee accepts applications and conducts interviews for the following year's commission. Nomcomm then sends a slate of approved applicants to the UA Judicial Review Board. From this slate, Judboard selects an Election Commissioner and seven other people to serve on the commission. Finally, the UA Council approves commission members at their last meeting of the spring term.

2013-14 UA Election Commission Members

  • Leonid Grinberg (chair)
  • Haldun Anil
  • Betsy Riley
  • Laura Royden
  • Kevin Yan

Email ua-elect@mit.edu if you want to contact the UA Election Commission. Tech reporters looking for information should contact either the Election Commission Chair. Other members of the commission will not give interviews.









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