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Offices You Can Campaign For During The Spring:

Undergraduate Association Offices

UA President: The President serves as Chief Executive Officer of the UA. He or she is the primary contact person in the UA. The President attends meetings with deans, faculty, local and national media, government leaders, and others on behalf of the MIT student body.

UA Vice President: The VP is primarily in charge of the internal workings of the UA. He or she also runs the UA Board of Liaisons, a group of students who regularly meet with a selected group of administrators. The VP is often the person who takes the President's and others' ideas and makes them happen.

The President and Vice President run as one ticket (as in the national Presidential elections).

Class Offices for the Classes of 2013, 2014, and 2015

Eight (8) Offices Open Per Class

The Class Council is responsible for promoting class unity, organizing class social events, and conducting any other business of the class. The following class officers will be selected in this election:

Runs weekly meetings, coordinates activities of all officers and committees, serves on UA Cabinet

Vice President:
Runs meetings in President's absence, may chair a class committee, serves on UA Cabinet

Records minutes at meetings, keeps a calendar and record of events, may chair a class committee

Handles budgeting and financial matters, chairs Fundraising committee

Publicity Chair (1 or 2 people, run as a ticket):
Keeps class informed of events, produces class newsletter, maintains webpage, chairs Publicity committee

Social Chair (1 or 2 people, run as a ticket):
Plans and implements social program, from study-breaks to large scale events, chairs Social committee









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