Election Rules and Procedures

Fall Election Procedures : Contains an overview of the election process and makes up the first half of every candidate packet. Candidate Packets are distributed at the Candidates' Meeting or are available from the Election Commissioner by e-mailing ua-elect@mit.edu .

Campaign Rules Document: Contains campaign rules, guidelines for sanctions, and procedures for reporting violations. The document is in PDF format for convenient printing. A must read for all candidates.

Rules and Procedures FAQ: Contains details regarding campaign rules and election procedures that candidates have asked about in the past. Browse through this list before you email us on these topics.

ASA Postering Rules: A set of rules for public postering on MIT's campus.

Election Code: Contains general guidelines for UA election procedures

How to Avoid Campaign Violations

  1. Read the Campaign Rules Document and Rules FAQ to familiarize yourself with the election rules. Many violations in the past have resulted from ignorance on the part of the candidates.
  2. Address questions about borderline cases to the Campaign Rules Board before undertaking the action in question. Some problems have resulted from candidates doing things that fall into the gray area between violations and legitimate campaigning.
  3. Try to maintain the "spirit of the campaign." Play fairly. The objective of the Election Commission is to provide an atmosphere of equal opportunity for all candidates. Anything that can be construed as a violation of that spirit may be censured. Friendly competition dissuades wildly accusing and sabotaging other candidates. And that's when things get really messy...









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