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Managing and planning for emergencies


New to campus this semester? Sign up for MIT Alert to keep informed of emergencies on campus. And pick up these valuable tips to prepare for and respond in an emergency.

Welcome to MIT’s Office of Emergency Management & Business Continuity. We work closely with representatives and volunteers across campus to develop and implement policies, procedures, and programs that help keep the MIT community safe. Our responsibilities include:

Planning and preparedness for emergencies

Whether we are collaborating with MIT’s departments, labs, centers, and residences or partnering with local, state, and federal emergency management organizations, we’re constantly planning and preparing for emergencies and the unexpected.

Outreach and education

We conduct drills and exercises, train volunteers, and undertake many other outreach activities in a continuous effort to educate our community about potential dangers and how to respond.

Response and recovery

Our office has developed an effective, well-structured process to address emergency situations swiftly and diligently. In an emergency event, we are responsible for convening the following teams:

  • The Institute Emergency Management Team, which serves as the point of command and control for all major incidents;
  • The Emergency Response Leadership Team, which provides on-scene support as incidents unfold; and
  • The Emergency Operations Center, which maintains situational awareness, gathers and communicates important information, and facilitates resource requests.


As soon as we learn of an event that could potentially threaten your safety, we use MIT Alert to send out detailed information, including steps you should take. MIT Alert gets the word out instantly through texts, emails, voicemails, the Institute’s emergency phone line, social media, digital signage boards across campus, and posts right here on our website.

Planning for Institute events and special projects

Throughout the year, we provide planning and support for a variety of Institute events such as commencement, special visits from dignitaries, and flu season vaccinations at our Cambridge campus.

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