Engineering Mechanics of Solids:
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The materials found at this site are used by Prof. Louis Bucciarelli in teaching a sophomore level, engineering mechanics course, commonly labeled "Statics and Strength of Materials" or "Solid Mechanics I", at MIT. The first column of links, labeled "Full Text" take you to the PDF versions of the chapters of the book he uses in the course. The column labeled "Interactives" are also PDF files but these are short on text and include relevant web links and JAVA interactive exercises. The final column are links to "Trussworks," a matrix analysis tool for truss structures, to "Frameworks," a similar tool for frame structures, and to "Steel Sections," a database of steel beam sections.

In order to view and use all the materials, you will need to configure your browser to handle PDF files and JAVA applications. The Setup section explains how to do this on a variety of browser/platform combinations.

Copyright 2002, Louis L. Bucciarelli Jr.
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