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make a difference
There are many ways that we can all make a difference. On a personal level, we can step up whenever we see instances of mistreatment, abuse, or harassment. Never let silence rule the day: only by calling out the truth can we begin to really make a change. If you encounter someone who has experienced violence, or is going through violence, encourage them to come in to talk to someone and to report it to the authorities. For more information, go to MIT Medical's page on sexual violence prevention and response

On a larger scale, we could and should all try to make a difference, no matter how seemingly small. Help us run the programs and events included in this website: email us at end_violence[at]mit[dot]edu to volunteer.

Bringing all these amazing speakers to Cambridge, and running the events themselves, takes a lot of support both in personnel and in funding. If you're interested in helping out, please contact us!

Donate or volunteer to or with one of the numerous organizations, local and otherwise, that are devoted to providing a safe space and opportunities for women everywhere. For these and more, check out our Links section.

Thank you for being here and thank you for helping us make a difference!