[PDF reprints are provided below within the context of fair use. Please obtain copies from the publisher if appropriate.]

Molecular Monogamy
Nature 426, 614-615 (comment)
Drew Endy and Michael B. Yaffe

Decoding NF-kB signaling
Science 298, 1189-1190 (comment)
Alice Y. Ting and Drew Endy

Modelling cellular behaviour
Nature 409, 391-395 (perspective)
Drew Endy and Roger Brent

Computation, prediction, and experimental test of fitness for bacteriophage T7 mutants with permuted genomes
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 97, 5375-5380
Drew Endy, Lingchong You, John Yin and Ian Molineux

Towards a Predictive Biology: The Example of Bacteriophage T7
Evolution as Computation, Landweber & Winfree (eds.), DIMACS Workshop, Princeton, 1999, 201-209 (book chapter).
Drew Endy

Toward antiviral strategies that resist viral escape
Antimicrobial Agents & Chemotherapy 44, 1097-1099
Drew Endy and John Yin

Intracellular kinetics of a growing virus: A genetically-structured simulation for bacteriophage T7
Biotechnology & Bioengineering 55, 375-389
Drew Endy, Deyu Kong, and John Yin

Talks are available here

Bacteriophage T7, versions 2.0 & 2.5 (available here)

OD: Modeler's Notebook & Datastore (available here). MONOD is a web-based framework that allows many researchers to help build and analyze models of biological systems.

Stochastirator: An accelerated discrete reaction event simulator (available here). Stochastirator is a C++ implementation of a Gibson-modified Gillespie algorithm for computing the time-dependent behavior of coupled sets of chemical reactions. A version that compiles on Mac OS 10.2 and other machines (fixed namespace/header issues) is available here.
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